Split-funding is a private, MEMBERS ONLY association consisting of consenting individuals at least 18 years of age who have come together willingly for the sole purpose of helping others in a charitable fashion. Individuals participating have made the choice to practice their right to give, of their own free will, to others with the same frame of mind and sharing the same intent.

To gain entry into the Split-funding website and participate in the private activity, you MUST be PERSONALLY INVITED. If you have indeed been invited to access and view the website, consider yourself fortunate because you have been given the key to open the door that can tremendously improve your financial world forever.

Make a note that Split-funding is NOT a company, corporation, business, business opportunity, or enterprise marketing any product or service of any nature. Split-funding does not solicit or sell software bundles, travel vouchers, or seminar tickets. There are no paychecks or investments, and NONE OF ITS PARTICIPANTS MAKE OR EARN MONEY.

There is no profit earning benefits whatsoever associated with this activity. Participants ARE NOT permitted to make promises or guarantees of profit, gain or return as no such benefits of profit, gain or return are expressed or implied here.

Individuals who participate in Split-funding and give a donation, of their own free will, to another participant or participants do so understanding that they have chosen to relinquish all rights to the donation.

By willingly giving such a donation, the donor cannot legitimately expect nor depend on Split-funding and any of its participants for any form of monetary compensation.

There is no profit earning opportunity offered here and any person or persons seeking to make, earn, or gain a profit from his or her endeavors should closely research opportunities elsewhere. Participants freely give of their own free will and expect nothing in return.

To enforce courtesy and respect for participants and maintain the integrity and quality standards of this activity, guidelines have been established. These guidelines are in accordance with the law as it pertains to gifting. Representing the activity of Split-funding as anything other than what is stated in this disclaimer is strictly prohibited by any participant. Maintaining the privacy of each participant and the integrity of this activity is of extreme importance to ensure its long-term viability. It is our deepest, sincere wish that deserved abundance will soon visit all who join us.